noticing kairos moments

Have you ever gone to pick an apple or a peach (or any fruit for that matter) and as you grasp it, you realize it’s already in your hand? If the path of your arrival has crossed the path of the apples growth, maturity, and its time of release, you’ve stumbled into a kairos moment.

The ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos and kairos. We are steeped in thinking of time as chronos time — clock time. And with the advent of ”time technologies” like the clock, watch, and our accompanying obsession with speed and control, we get obsessed about time saving devices, and devices that trick us into thinking we are saving so much time. (please tell me where this Time Bank is if you know).

All the while Kairos time is alive and well, yet not as well known.  Continue reading “noticing kairos moments”