Using your body to take your place in life


Imagine you are in an 8×12 cell in the county jail. The cell has bunk beds, so add another person. The jail is overcrowded so add a third person who sleeps on a cot on the floor. And add a toilet. You’re in this cell for 18 hours per day; if there’s an incident in the jail, then you may be in your cell for 23 hours per day. This is the situation at the Skagit County Jail where I serve on the jail chaplaincy team.  Continue reading “Using your body to take your place in life”

The Power of YES

The Power of YES

[The following story is a seed from which this Reincorporation improv project has grown.]

After emptying my pockets of my wallet, keys, phone, I went with the deputy through two heavy red metal doors to the jail’s multipurpose room where we meet. I’m part of a jail chaplaincy team from Tierra Nueva. I unstacked the blue plastic chairs and placed them in a circle. There’s a loud CLICK as the door is unlocked by the deputy on the other side. After shaking hands and welcoming the first pod of men we sit down in the blue plastic chairs and I opened our time with a prayer.

“When have you been told NO?” I asked them.

“This morning when the judge told me my release date is getting postponed.” one man piped up. Others gave their experiences too.

“And When have you been told YES?”

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