SEVEN things Improv Gives Us! GO!

In your Fridge

Often in my enthusiasm I assume Everyone Else in the world is similarly enthused. This is true of Improv too. ¬†Often people, understandably, are a bit fearful because considering improv brushes up against one of the biggest fears people have: public speaking. Only improv is worse, they think, because you don’t have ANY plan, AND you may look like a fool on top of it. I get it. And, trust me with this, but as you enter into the world of improv via taking a class, going to a show, participating in an improv workshop at your workplace, you’ll discover there is SO MUCH that it gives us that nourishes our lives!

There’s an improv game called ”Seven Things”. It goes like this: Continue reading “SEVEN things Improv Gives Us! GO!”