You should have seen the Look on His Face!

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[Or, ”I Want to Share My Joy with You, Part 2]

One of the gifts of St Ignatius that the Jesuits have carried on is the idea of Composing the Place or Entering the Story. I’ve done this here and there on my own and in Skagit County Jail in my jail chaplaincy there with Tierra Nueva. Basically, you take a scripture passage from the gospels – one with Jesus in it – and enter into the story in your imagination using ALL five of your senses. It’s an embodied experience. And you are basically doing Improv with Jesus as you go. [ I wrote about this in Fall 2013 when I did this with inmates and we entering the story of Jesus Calming the Storm ]

A few weeks ago I spent a week on an Ignatian spiritual retreat. It was a new thing for me. I was alone at a cabin on the Olympic Peninsula. Continue reading “You should have seen the Look on His Face!”

Living Curiously and Courageously

As I’m starting this blog, I’m realizing that there is SO much that I want to share about the joy and potential of improv to transform, it’s impact on life. Many see improv as about trying to be funny; that’s “it’s basically stand up comedy right”, or it’s being totally uninhibited “and I could never do that”. So if that’s you I ask you to just step into a place of wonder and curiosity. Because it’s not about trying to be funny, it’s about remembering how to play again (and that’s not just frivolous fun, but a much needed skill). It’s about being open to discovery and collaboration.And it’s about vulnerability. It’s about stepping into the unknown and learning to be comfortable with that.  Continue reading “Living Curiously and Courageously”