It’s Embodied Learning! Five! (or, Improv-ing as the Church)

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[This is a fifth post in a series of seven answering ”What does Improv Give us?”]
[Preface – know that this is not ”improving” but ”improving”]

It’s a Monday night in June and ten adults and two middle-schoolers gather in the Adult Ed room at the north end of our church building. There are nervous chuckles, as many people gathered are stepping outside (for some WAY outside) of their comfort zone. We are coming together for the first of four improv classes that I’m facilitating on Monday evenings. I started taking improv classes at our local theater – The Upfront – five years ago and it’s transformed my life. As often happens, it’s hard for me to keep such things to myself. Continue reading “It’s Embodied Learning! Five! (or, Improv-ing as the Church)”

Uncoupling Anxiety from Uncertainty! FOUR!

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[This is my fourth post in a list of ”What improv gives us?”]

For most of my life I’ve coupled together anxiety and uncertainty.  When there’s uncertainty of how something’s gonna pan out, anxiety gets pulled right along the tracks with it. I’m realizing recently that they can be uncoupled. Uncertainty doesn’t have to bring anxiety along for the ride.

If anxiety is wedded to uncertainty we often will try to (key words: try to) reduce uncertainty in our lives, because anxiety doesn’t feel so great.

When we enter into an improv game or an improv scene we don’t know how it’s going to turn out. We don’t know where the story will lead. Continue reading “Uncoupling Anxiety from Uncertainty! FOUR!”