Laughter IS the Best Medicine … ONE!

Laughing Together

What if Laughter actually is the Best Medicine?

Doc: Well Sarah, seems like you’ve got a lot of maladies right now in your life – physical, psychological, emotional.

Sarah: [ thinking: ‘tell me something I don’t know’ ]

Doc: Well, I could put you on Xerozaphanictaphase* (there are a number of side effects including Extreme Anger at medical authorities….so I tend not to prescribe this.), and some other pill options, but you know what I’m gonna do?
[Doctor scribbling on her prescription note pad]

Doc: Sarah, when was the last time you laughed so hard that tears came out the side of your eyes?

Sarah: [looks off in the distance]

Doc: Sarah, when was the last time you smiled and laughed so much your face hurt?

Sarah: Wow, doc…. I don’t know …. it’s been a long time. Longer than I can remember

Doc: Well I’m writing you this prescription.. [she tears it off and hands it to her] …I want you to call up your friends who give you permission to be yourself the most, and that make you laugh, and go have dinner, or coffee, or a glass of wine with them.

Sarah: [Looking at her doc, a bit incredulously…like ‘I paid you to tell me this?!’]

Doc: AND… I want you to do this Every Day…. Then come back and see me in a month.

So at this point we could make this scene a Choose your own Adventure story .  Remember those?

*Go to page 45 if you want to see what happens if Sarah disregards her doctor’s advice.
*Go to page 83 if you want to see what happens if Sarah says Yes to her doctor’s advice to invite more laughter into her life.

What do you think would happen to Sarah if she laughed hard for a good bit of every day for a month? Chances are a lot of good things! Mayo Clinic lists Seven Things

(So I bet you knew I was heading here)…Get this: Improv gives us the Gift of Laughter!  Chances are you know this already. Because every conversation we have is improv. When you talk with co-workers, friends, or family are you reading a script? Nope. You are doing improv then. And in our society filled with professional entertainment (not that there’s anything wrong with that ; ) we forget that there is humor and potential for laughter all over the place, like the air we breathe. Some of the best laughter just comes in the moment as a gift. Like a lot of good things we can hold onto it or bottle it up. We just laugh it out, and let it go….open, ready, and expectant for more.

Tomorrow’s Post – #2 thing Improv Gives Us – Embodying a Posture of YES
{This is a Series of Seven Things IMPROV gives us}









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