{this is the third post in) a series of Seven Things that Improv Gives us}

Currently I’m reading ”The Boys in the Boat” at bedtime. And I’m loving it. I’m completely drawn in to the story of this nine young men – the University of Washington crew team – who persevere against all odds, and win the olympic gold in Berlin in 1936 (under Hitler). At the time all the great crew teams were Ivy League schools in the east – Harvard, Penn, Cornell, Yale, etc. University of Washington’s crew team didn’t come from a place of means. Many were sons of lumberjacks and farmers; many like Joe Rantz came through such adversity and abandonment from his own family (twice!). The author chronicles how Joe often felt like an outsider from even his own teammates. The varsity coach Al Ulbrickson kept trying new configurations of the boys in the boat. They’d do well, but then fall apart. ¬†Then Continue reading “Synchrony!….[Three!]”

Embodying a Posture of YES! ….TWO!



One of the Core ideas of improv is saying YES. It’s basically unlearning what we learned in our terrible twos – No! No! No! : )

In the Improv world…..You and I come on the stage together and you say, “Hey Doctor Miller I’m here for my 2 o’clock appointment.”

Me: I’m not a doctor. I’m standing here at this bus stop.

This is known as blocking and the scene goes nowhere. I’m basically saying ‘That was a stupid idea. I’m starting over.’¬†

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Laughter IS the Best Medicine … ONE!

Laughing Together

What if Laughter actually is the Best Medicine?

Doc: Well Sarah, seems like you’ve got a lot of maladies right now in your life – physical, psychological, emotional.

Sarah: [ thinking: ‘tell me something I don’t know’ ]

Doc: Well, I could put you on Xerozaphanictaphase* (there are a number of side effects including Extreme Anger at medical authorities….so I tend not to prescribe this.), and some other pill options, but you know what I’m gonna do?
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