I want to share my Joy with you

fulani girl

Well it’s been three months since I’ve written.
March/April in sum: busyanxietybusyWakinginthenightbusyworkworkgogogo.
(And then at the end of April, as we say in improv with the swipe of the arm)… ” And….SCENE”   [lights go out]

*  *  *

Sabbatical as Salvation

First week of May. HoldenVillage. Glorious. Mountains.
Feet of snow still melting
Speed of multi-tasked life still melting
Cell phone, computer, car and the
BuiltWorld of their assumptions
Set aside, for the time being.

Space to embrace the rhythms of 
walking and wilderness
meals with other smiling faces
Seen and Being seen.
(no devices in sight)
nightly convergences of voices and hearts
at vespers

and small potent moments
of watching swallows dart about
crescendo of hummingbird on a fly by
a fire-crowned woodpecker swoop into view

the sunrise blazing warmth on my face
“You restore my soul”

Salvation, I learned, in Hebrew connotes spaciousness
The Israelites of ancient times
while wandering
longed for land
to be led to green pastures
to be led by still waters
for their souls to be restored

When I dwell on spaciousness, I smile.
It’s the antithesis of my
“knots in my muscles To much traffic in my mind
traffic in my mind, traffic in my mind”

And in Greek salvation connotes
healing, wholeness.

I find myself Longing
for spaciousness, healing,
shalom, restored joy.

And I’m beginning
to taste
of its nectar

[quoted text from Song: “Five Fifty One” March 2008. Bruce Cockburn ]


I’m now starting this central chapter of my sabbatical – diving into this Reincorpating improv grant project. Exploring how is improv a transformative tool for those on the margins, and for those in the mainstream church, for anyone really.

Last week I was working on an “Improv for Fundraisers” workshop that I’ll be facilitating next week at the Association of Fundraising Professionals annual forum in Seattle. My second slide says “Why am I here?”. Figured it would be good to have a moment to say who I am and Why indeed I am upfront leading this workshop.

There are 8,000 reasons why I love improv.  In that context I believe that since fundraising is all about relationships and conversations, then it behooves us to keep growing in our ability in both of them. AND improv is an amazing tool to help us learn to be present to what’s unfolding, ’cause in relationships and conversations it doesn’t go too well when one person dominates (or one person is too passive either).

As I pondered and reflected, what emerged as the heart of my response to that question was: “I want to share my joy with you.”

This reality is emerging in me as central to who I am. I was made for joy, play and for connecting with others to share that.

So as I explore and share this world of improv this summer (and beyond, to be sure) the red thread through all the tangents and wanderings into: mindfulness, improv for traumatized youth, embodiment, reinterpreting failure, the power of YES, giving up control ….. is I WANT TO SHARE MY JOY WITH YOU.

Look for JOY today….and you’ll discover it.
And when you’ve found it
dwell there for a while
If it feels like you don’t have time for three deep breaths in that moment
then you probably need at least four.

Deep Shalom,

David : )


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